VieleRETS versus Retriever

CRT is working on a number of new RETS clients.

Retriever is the most popular RETS tool offerred by CRT right now. Written in PHP, Retriever allows your website to display listings as a Transient Download. This means that a copy of the listing data is not written to the disk operated by the web server. All rendering is performed by Retriever with either a Summary, Detail or Gallery view.

This approach works for some, but others wanted to control their own rendering. What is needed to support more control is a Persistent Download approach. This is where VieleRETS comes in.

VieleRETS is written with the same RETS client code found in Retriever, but replaces the rendering engine with a persistance engine. Listings can be stored in either CSV, XML, RDB or OR (Open-Realty) formats. Although both the RDB and OR options write to relational databases, the format of the tables are different. The RDB option writes all listing to a single table whereas the OR format stores information in a meta approach. OR uses one table for defining the fields for the site and another for actually storing the information.

Open-Realty is a very cool Open Source package that can be used to support Agent and Brokers websites. Features include multiple Agent support and the ability to add more information than is found in the MLS feed. Consumers can set up accounts and store searches making OR an full featured website for Real Estate.

VieleRETS can be used to populate the RDB that drives Open-Realty, an intriguing combination.

  1. As a web developer I find this very interesting. Open-Realty is a great program that I have been working with for some time. Suporting Web Standards, CSS based, and targeting Realtors it is hard to beat.
    I recently installed Retreiver, and am now installing VieleRETS. It will be very interesting working on the integration of these two.