ezRETS 0.9.3 released

ezRETS is an ODBC driver that connects to RETS servers. It is licensed under an open-source license.

Right now, we only have a binary version for windows, but that seems to be the most useful to the most people. For those who would like to see the source, the source is available via subversion as well as at the download page.

You can download it by visiting http://www.crt.realtors.org/projects/rets/ezrets/

Changes in this release

  • Updated to latest libRETS that fixes a few XML parsing errors on certain servers, including the empty <COMMENT> tags bug.
  • RETS Lookup fields are now properly queried when specified
  • Fix in Metadata interpretation that would cause non-StandardNames connections to fail.
  • Fix for NULL values in Precision in Metadata which caused SQLDescribeCol to fail.