Fall 2005 RETS Meeting

I have been going to the RETS meetings for about four years, and I can’t recall one without Bruce Toback or Leo Bijnagte. To Leo, good luck in your job. To Bruce, Godspeed we miss you.

The thrust of the meeting was to pull together the group under the join leadership of Steve Verba Steve Verba and Paul Stusiak. They share the title Technical Co-Chairman of the RETS Work Group.

As is tradition, Day 1 of the event featured the “Plugfest”, an opportunity for developers to test interoperability between their products. This always appears chaotic, but is actually quite useful to developers. No “trade secrets” are shared, but the spirit of RETS and standards is in the air. Another Day 1 event that is very popular is a contest for the “coolest” new tool. CRT (for ezRETS) shared the prize with RMLS. And what a very cool prize, a network MP3 player.

Day 2 was all business and focused on the future of RETS. Understanding that this may take a while to make its way to the street, RETS will embrace Web Services with flexible payloads. This means that RETS will be a good choice for much more than listing data because the information it can transmit is very flexible.

Day 3 was Work Group day. The biggest thing to report here was the Data Dictionary Work Group identification of a better way to add Standard Names. The current RETS names need to be expanded and the debate is centered around how to best do this. The issue should be cleared up by the December Meeting.

The next meeting will be the first week in December in a city to be named later. I’m in the Las Vegas camp.