ezRETS 0.9.4 released

ezRETS is an ODBC driver that connects to RETS servers. It is licensed under an open-source license. It allows ODBC-aware applications, such as Microsoft Office (Excel, Word,) to easily load data from a RETS compliant server using those applications built-in wizards and other tools.

Right now, we only have a binary version for windows, but that seems to be the most useful to the most people. For those who would like to see/edit/compile the source, the source is available via subversion as well as at the download page.

You can download it by visiting http://www.crt.realtors.org/projects/rets/ezrets/

Changes in this release

  • SQLRowCount has been implemented. Hopefully fixes problem with SQLServer DTS package.
  • SQLGetTypeInfo returns data on the types ezRETS supports.
  • SQLColAttribute has been updated to return Column name. Fixes problem where column name was garbled in PHP.
  • Unix configure script now uses librets-config to get linking and include information