PolicyPage is a new application from CRT. PolicyPage allows for active enforcement of display policies by MLSs.

PolicyPage grew out conference earlier this year. MLS executives said they were facing challenges policing member web sites. Some were not enforcing policies, other complained they needed additional resources and yet others complained on inconsistent enforcement. Several they were going to hire to review web sites. As a part of CRTs advocacy and implementation missions PolicyPage was born.

At the 2005 REALTORS Convention & Expo in San Francisco this week, CRT held the first PolicyPage project meeting. There were 13 MLSs in attendance that see policing sites as an issue and want to get involved.

All were agreed with the concept of Policy Page and what it will do. In fact most attendees want the spidering feature, that we’re adding next year, right away.

Another consistent issue was the ‘placement’ of information on a screen. What can be placed where and the need to prevent intermingling of listing data and web site host’s contact information. Other valuable input was gained from the MLSs in attendance and several PolicyPage beta projects will start next month.

If you are interested in participating – join the PolicyPage project list.

Remember PolicyPage is a tool that can help move toward greater display policy compliance. It is not the total solution . Boards and MLSs will also need to step up to correct the issues that PolicyPage identifies.