Escape From The Snow Globe

Escape From New YorkOne's perspective is vastly different looking into a snow globe as opposed to if we were living in the globe looking out. Unfortuntely, in the realm of CRT, we are often found looking into the snow globe and seeing a wonderful world of listings, agents, technology, harmony and bliss. In other words, we don't always appreciate the depth, balance and concerns that the industry faces in the trenches.

To gauge the industry from a technological perspective, we are going to open our inboxes up for questions, comments, insights and stories. We have created Dependant on the traffic, we will try to answer questions and provide comment, but more importantly, we will use this feedback to help push the CRT Blog in a 'Dear Abby' fashion.

No question is too small, and hopefully no question is too hard. gulp! So please feel free to start sending in your technology related questions, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Why was I talking snow, I probably just jinxed Chicago for a brutal weather – Snake is going to be mad.