Images From The Index

A while back, I made a little Gadget to deliver a rotating image from the Google Image Index. It is semi-popular, usually from those that just need a little distraction while couped up in cubicle world.

Yesterday, I read a nifty Lifehacker tip about embedding your Google calendar on your Windows Desktop. Today it struck me, why not embed my Gadget on the desktop? So I did. And it was extremely easy!


I generated the code to embed on a HTML page, saved it to a file on my local computer, and added it as my Active Desktop background (right click desktop, customize desktop). Less than 5 minutes for a full days worth on enjoyment! You can’t really ask for anything better nor simpler!

Sure you can! Extended it to Real Estate! The little image viewer above is a quick proof-of-concept. It simply uses the gadget I already had, and points it to a real estate image search, in this case Miami. So how could you take this one step further?

The gadget could be revamped to pull from only your listings, and placed directly onto your website. Customize different feeds per client so they can have a rotating hotsheet right on their desktop. You can add additional listing information as well as links to the property detail page. I can see a lot of great ideas starting with just a simple image rotator.

Go ahead, go crazy, and let us know – we’d love to showcase different utilities that you’ve been working on!

  1. How could I receive more detailed information about setting this up with my MLS listings? The only part I fully understood was how to put it on my desktop, but that was it.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.


  2. Chris,

    I recently added your gadget on a web site I design and on one of my blogs. It is a great gadget and I thank you. But I am about to remove it, since one of the sites is a youth soccer site ( ) and the message “Imbed Babes directly in Windows” is not good. Can I get rid of it from my code side? If not, can you change it to “Imbed this gadget directly in Windows” or something like that? As a matter of fact, as a long-term rethink, maybe rewrite it to be an image server gadget, not a babe server. Yours is the only gadget that does this job so well.


  3. Thanks for taking my suggestion!

  4. sanjay srivastava

    This is a good gadget but need more help how to point to lists and where are such lists etc,
    please write your methods for real real dummies like me hgoldin hands at every key press
    and by the way you are grrrrreeeaaat !!!

  5. Chris McKeever

    @Sanjay – thanks for the feedback.. I actually have been working on a true listing gadget and will release and document it some time this week – so keep checking back!