Your Maps are My Maps Too

Last Saturday, Chad Curry from NAR Government Affairs and his wife, Julia, organized and hosted an art exhibit to raise funds and awareness for the conflict in the Sudan. They enlisted local Chicago neighborhood businesses to help sponsor and support their event. To highlight the participating establishments, Chad stumbled upon a new(ish) feature of Google Maps, My Maps.

Once he plotted all the points of interest, he showed it to the local Chamber of Commerce. Their reaction was one of awe as to how easy and useful something like this could be. I think the real kicker came when he told them that it was free!

So what exactly is My Maps? Well, the embedded map shows a bare bones overview of what Chad made.

Basically, My Maps lets you plot, point and annotate whatever you like on a map and then share it with the world. The annotated, and much prettier map can be viewed Here.

Some initial thoughts for this could be neighborhood boundaries, a map of listings of interest, Sunday tour map. It really brings digital mapping to the masses without needing to know any tech jargon like geocodes, polygons, or API’s.

Anyway….The event went off like blockbusters, they had over double the anticipated attendance, and raised over $4000 dollars to benefit the cause. To learn more about the event, please see showcase website which Chad put together or the Photo Gallery of the night festivities.

Way to go Chad!

  1. Google My Maps can be a great resources for buyers who are relocating to your city and to coordinate showings/property tours.

  2. Matt Cohen

    I’ll be more excited when that tool has the power/interface/features of CommunityWalk ( The only reason I don’t like CommunityWalk is that the site performance isn’t so great, especially when you have a hundred or more items on the map. Of course, Google My Maps doesn’t handle a large number of points of interest well either at this point, not letting you order or organize them and splitting them up into several ‘pages’, not showing you all your items on the map at once. Still, a nice starting point for Google.

  3. I’ve been playing with GMaps since they were so quietly introduced. It’s funny, but everytime I make a map, I find a new use for them, or a better way to make them. As more people get involved with making maps, I think we’ll see much more creative uses for them.

  4. Hmm…GMaps looks like a great tool to map condo buildings for a specialty site. Thanks for the inspiration!