Deep Links – May/4/07


Thank Heavens for RSS! CRT is able to stay in touch with the outside world much more efficiently because of it. We wind up IM’ing, emailing, yelling over the cubes to have each other check out something techie, amazing or bizarre. We feel like we are leaving everyone else out of our fun. So starting this week, we will have a Deep Link Recap. These are links that we found informative, thought provoking or maybe even got a little chuckle out of.

– Enjoy

Andrew’s Deep Links

Chris’ Deep Links

Ian’s Deep Links

Keith’s Deep Links

  1. You guys are definitely some geek’s geeks. All you need is a few more links to Slashdot & Penny Arcade and you’re done!

  2. Andrew Tillman

    Even more geeky then Penny Arcade:

  3. Equally geeks as xkcd, but in a different way…