Deep Links – 05-11-07

Ted Truit on REALTOR Ethics:

Is your Website Award Winning?
Real Estate Webbys

Electric Sportscar: Drive your client in style

Han Solo in Chocolitite:

Can’t Find the Lockbox? Use a credit card!!

Snail Mail Hack

MySQL Cheat Sheet:

Yahoo! Pictures API Decommission

Real Estate 2.0 Round-Up

CSS Buttons

Juice up your Presentation
Presentation Tips

Million Dollar Coin

  1. I have a problem with the “Real Estate Webbys.” The sites that are represented are NOT WEB 2.0 and are not favored by Google, for example, “Elizabeth’s Lofts” had a splash page. Google specifically recommends AGAINST splash pages in it’s “Guidelines for Webmasters.” I’m confused as to why they would choose such archaic web sites as the top real estate web sites out there. Any ideas?

    Sunnyvale Real Estate

  2. The trick, if there is such a thing, is variety. Make certain you collect a steady and varied collection of links