Deep Links May-17-2007

Keith’s Deep Link’n

Plotr is a lightweight charting framework that allows you to create bar, line, and pie charts using just a few lines of JavaScript code inside plain HTML files.

CSharp syntax and formatting mode for emacs

A good thread from Joel on Software on where to get an SMS number. Looks prohibitively expensive in the US.

Joe Gross’s procmail tutorial.

I’m thinking about getting this Ogio backpack as a new laptop backpack. Anyone have any experience with them? I’m having a hard time finding one in a store to check out.

Chris’ Deep Link’n

Encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup using the rsync algorithm

Broker Website of the Future!

$100 Dollar Laptop Project First Shipments! I want one!

622 RSS Feeds over Coffee! I thought I was bad!

Software License Tracker

SMS 101: Understand the Power.

Unlimited Yahoo! Mail Storage: About time!

25 Hours in a day coming soon.

Meebo Launches Chat Rooms for IM service.

Gordon’s Deep Link’n

Who is Gordon? – Gordon is the Technical Project Lead from The Greater Vancouver Board

CREA Commercials – a h00t!

  1. I think the video is intentionally insulting to all the Realtors who are part-time Personal Trainers. Probably also to all of the Personal Trainers who are part-time Realtors.

  2. The trick, if there is such a thing, is variety. Make certain you collect a steady and varied collection of links