RETS for Drupal!

Arthur Richards has written a Drupal plugin for RETS! This allows you to create a website that has listing information taken directly from the MLS. You can find it with other Drupal plug-ins.

Here is a clip of what Arthur posted on the VieleRETS mailing list about the plug-in:

I could use a lot of help testing this, and if anyone knows
PHP/MySQL/has experience working with Drupal modules, please help make
this better and get it to a point of stability!

Let me know if you're interested at all in testing/coding.

There has been talk about RETS as a WordPress plug-in too!

  1. This is great news, thanks Mark!!!!

  2. Hmmm, if ARMLS supports RETS, which for some reason, I don’t think they do, but if they do, I’ll work on getting all of this set up on my server. It looks like a bit of a project, so it’ll take a while, but I have what it takes, other than loads of free time.

  3. Steve,
    ARMLS does support RETS (we are on version 1.5 right now) and we license data through that interface to a number of parties. Right now, however, our board has not changed to rules to allow direct RETS data feeds to agents, only to brokers. We have a task force in place to make recommendations to that policy and hopefully we will loosen the grip so that forward thinkers like you can take full advantage of all the data and enhance your sites accordingly.
    Bob Bemis, CEO

  4. Thanks Bob. I downloaded the RETS package, but didn’t take any further steps, when I remembered the FlexMLS change was just around the corner. And then I later remembered the curb on needing to be a broker. Love to know if/when the reigns get loosened, and what the hold up could possibly be on making that decision.

  5. Very good news. It would be nice if there was one standard.

  6. Hi Mark,
    I was wondering if I could contact you with regard to implementing rets for our web site. Our MLS does have a RETS server that I have access to.

    I have a couple of questions w/ regard to whether or not I should have the rets/mls data in a seperate db from the cms db that we use to run the main part of the site.

    For example would it be best practice to have the mls data in its own mysql db and then querie that db from the cms for display in the browser? As opposed to having the MLS data in the cms db itself. The cms is a mysql db as well ( Or if you cant help me can you refer me to some one?
    Kind regards, Mike Foate

  7. Chris McKeever

    Mike – just sent you a more detailed reply .. but for the other eyeballs

    “A single database is always more efficient assuming the data is related and/or could/needs to be queried against each other (in this what property CLIENT X looked at). If the data is really treated as separate silos and dont need to be related, then separate makes sense.

    Not really knowing your CMS, I also forewarn with getting under the hood if the hood is locked tight. In your case, since its MySQL backended, it sounds more open that proprietary, but still unless this data needs to be related (which IMHO I would say is beneficial in this situation) tinkering with a purchased ‘closed’ product could be dangerous to ones bed time ;)”