NAR is looking for a Social Media Manager. Is it you?

I just got word that NAR’s publications department is looking for a Social Media Manager.  Knowing that many qualified applications read CRT’s blog, I thought I’d put a mention there to help everyone out.

You can read more about the job posting on

  1. Well there is an interesting development….

  2. You guys have discounted on-site massages?!?! … now THAT is interesting


  3. Chicago is just so far away….. 🙂 Very glad to see NAR move this direction.

  4. This will be interesting to see who gets chosen for this position 🙂

  5. TheRECoach

    Whoever it is, won’t be “right for the job” The best applicants for this job won’t; 1) Move 2) Leave their current Positions 3) Change their opinion of the NAR 4) Be heard by the NAR 5) Be accepted by the REnet and 6) Be taken seriously by the Blogsphere. Good Luck to the man/woman who gets this position, the microscope lens will burn if you allow the sun in! (In the off chance a skilled and respected RE Blogger actually accepts this position…”Never Mind”)