Lots of great projects are in the works here at CRT these days. Some so amazing, they still don’t have names!

Today however, I would like to announce the official release (we had a soft launch at the last RESO meeting) of the Appraisal Dashboard. This project was made possible through a 6 month collaboration with RMLS of Minnesota, Live Valuation and the Center for REALTOR Technology. It was actually inspired by an appraiser getting the ear of Ed Newman from RMLS, who then got the ear of CRT who then got real jazzed up about this. This all coincided with some fortuitous events that led us to choose Live Valuation — who by the way, has one amazing programmer (Kannan), which you will soon agree to after you see the demo and the functionality, and the all out pure slick of this application.

So what the heck is the Appraisal Dashboard? Well, the basic summary is, it is a PHP web application that interfaces with live MLS data (MLS authentication and access required) and provides a visual search interface. The data can be exported (again, please refer to your particular MLS data rules/regs) into various formats that can be used with the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report and the MISMO format.

That is perfectly clear right? Sort of. But in order to get the real WOW of this, check out all the video demos.

I want, how much?

Would you buy this for $199.99? What about $99.99? How about completely FREE? Yes that’s right, this project is another member benefit and resource from the National Association of REALTORS. To learn more and download the software (installation and setup required), please visit the Support Forum

I’m really excited about this project, just from the sheer combination of slick front end to live data consumption. Again, I want to give another shout-out to Kannan. He took my suggestions and not only met them but added three new pieces of slickness to it.

These are the type of projects that CRT is geared towards, and the type of collaboration that we are looking for. Find a need, fill the need and make it available to everyone to take and run with and make even better.

I think that was my way of suggesting, if you have some ideas, let us know about them!

Enjoy the dashboard, and let us know your feedback.

  1. Mary Frances Adams

    Video demos are not working. Would love to see the product.

  2. Chris McKeever

    They seem to be working fine on this side:

  3. I consider myself a pretty tech-savvy person, but this is way beyond anything I can tackle on my own. And if I can’t figure it out then probably 99% of appraisers are in the same boat.

    Are there plans to have this working online? Hopefully I’ll be able to use it soon since I’m a member of RMLS.

  4. Chris McKeever

    Ben — there is def. an installation curve on this. Its more for the MLS or Offices to install.

    RMLS should have something up pretty soon.

  5. Alan

    A quick review of the videos show the Appraisal Dashboard duplicates much of the MLS Interface functionality and provides a small amount of new functionality.

    A much better implementation would have been to add the small amount of new functionality to the MLS Interface. The functionality would then be available to all the MLS Users and you could avoid the maintenance nightmare created with the Appraisal Dashboard.

    Even at this point, I highly suggest moving any new functionality in the Appraisal Dashboard to the MLS Interface and drop the Appraisal Dashboard.

  6. Chris McKeever

    @Alan – thanks for checking this out. I agree that the functionality _should_ be added into standard MLS applications. And thats a point that I could have made in the post.

    Keep in mind, part of CRT’s mission is to inspire innovation and show ‘proof-of’concept’ in terms of what can be achieved without breaking the bank.

    The Dashboard is completely opensource, so much of it could be integrated at-no-cost (only staff time) — And I hope to see this inspire such implementations.

  7. The installation of dashboard is very onerous – not user friendly at all. What am I doing wrong?

  8. Chris McKeever

    @harold — best place to get support is :

    The installation is meant to be for MLS operators or IT people. Although it can be done by most, there is some tech know how needed

    Post your questions to the forum, and we can go from there

  9. I cannot get the videos to open. I got a “Error” on the first one.

  10. Bob

    Will this be available to agents to do CMA’s and, if so, what is the anticipated time frame?

    It seems to be everything I’ve been looking for to do better CMA’s in less time.

  11. Chris

    @bob — its available now to you, your broker or MLS — it just needs to be installed/configured. Which is more of a IT level procedure than a point and click

  12. Chris …what is the purpose of this product? With all due respect this seems like another that was not well thought out or well positioned “free” service….it competes with MLS and does not seem to really compliment it….the videos do not work….and with RPR…. REALTOR.COM Find…..First American….etc and everyone else getting in to the MLS business it seems to be just one more unnecessary “free” service to confuse our members

  13. Chris


    The main purpose was established through RMLS who identified the need of a more simpler appraisal tool that can be run and administered by the MLS.

    in terms of competing with the MLS, it cant work without the MLS and is run by an MLS. Data nor the service itself is in any competitors hands

  14. I could not enter or download

  15. Chris McKeever

    @TC the download is available at

  16. Cheryl

    Is this a tool for just Realtors or are appraisers going to have access to it also?

  17. Chris

    @Cheryl — thanks for comment. It is available to anyone that has the proper access privileges to an MLS.

    However, with that said .. the MLS must support RETS as that is how the tool gets data.

    And….as my standard disclaimer, there is a tech curve to getting it installed, and is geared more towards an MLS IT Staff person versus single per-by-person installs (which is possible, but not favorable)


  18. I’ve recently made this suggestion to, who did reply that they would have it submitted for study. But in my view, one of the things that would be most welcome, is an ‘instant valuation’ estimate of our own, similar to the online service from With all necessary disclaimers about accuracy, and exhortations about contacting a Realtor for a true CMA, nevertheless, Realtors would then possess a crucial and powerful marketing tool: a fairly reliable snapshot or ballpark estimate of property value, which we could then Email to our sphere of influence every month. Like, this snapshot would have 3 other essential features: [1] a comparison to the previous month’s estimate; [2] a figure for the previous year’s estimated value; and [3] a ‘sharing’ capability, so that our recipient would be invited to share the snapshot with a friend, who could then apply to the Realtor to have his own property submitted for this same periodic Email service. As your people suggest, we could also advertise this service on Facebook! This is a need – and a vital marketing opportunity – currently unmet by or even Top Producer. Yet this kind of estimate is everywhere online, and best demonstrated by, though their graphics need great improvement. This kind of service should be supplied the right way – once a month, via Email – by Realtors instead!

  19. Fred Rossiter

    You better get the word “appraisal” out of this product because Realtors (licensed real estate agents & brokers) are not licensed to perform appraisals. Call it a CMA or whatever but Realtors using the term “appraisal” are going to have formal complaints filed against them.

  20. Is this still available? Our mls just went to Matrix and it is awful for appraisers.