An EyeCatcher for Your Marketing Toolbox

Many of us have witnessed eye catching window displays at one point or another.  Whether it’s the movement, the color  or the information, window displays can be a great tool for drawing people into a particular shop or location. 

Today, CRT introduces EyeCatcher, a Flaxh/XML application created with real estate practitioners in mind for use in their business.  EyeCatcher makes it easy and convenient to showcase properties, agents, and messaging in real estate office window displays.  Not quite sure this is for you?  Take a look at a demo of EyeCatcher.  (Note:  the properties, agents, and addresses used are for demo purposes only. Special thanks to Daniel Rothamel, the Real Estate Zebra, for allowing us to use some of his Flickr photos.)

Who can use EyeCatcher? 
If you are a real estate professional interested in using EyeCatcher, go for it!   The application falls under the Open Source Initiative under BSD License.

What does this do for me?

  • Adds a resource to your marketing toolbox by increasing your exposure.  Afterall, EyeCatcher’s goal is to put your properties and agent’s faces in front of the public.  Not to mention that you also have an area within the application that allows you to include ads or a custom message of your choice.   If you don’t have an ad, maybe you can include info on an upcoming open house, spotlight your top producer, or promote an education session for potential home buyers & sellers.
  • Differentiates your office from others in your area.
  • Attracts your next client.  (That’s the goal!)

What will I need to use EyeCatcher? 
Some technical know-how and access to your servers where the EyeCatcher application will reside.

  • Your server should also have a Google map key
    You will take the Google map key and drop it into the appropriate spot in the config.xml file.

The computer that runs EyeCatcher must:

  • Be able to play Flash files
  • Have a PDF reader to access the User Guide
  • Have access to the web. 
    The following web browsers have been tested and work well with EyeCatcher: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+, Mozilla Firefox 3.0+, Google Chrome 2.0+, Safari 5.0

The monitor or screen that is used in your window display should have access to a computer with a web connection.

Because templates are provided in photoshop and jpg formats, you will need access to a graphics program so you can drop in your brand or logo of choice (Gimp, for example is a free image editor.)

Where’s the EyeCatcher download?
Feel free to access the following:  README.txtUser’s Guide, and Application zip files.

EyeCatcher is a free resource from the National Association of REALTORS®.