Mobile Tools: Document Apps for iPhone and iPad

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  1. The zosh info is a pretty good dig, but the rest is pretty basic. I’m sure it will help someone though, so nice post.

  2. Margel Dinino

    Great Information – Answers to what is on many of our minds. Anything promising for BlackBerry?

  3. Andrew Tillman

    I would like to get a equivalent post for Blackberry. We are working on an Android counterpart to this article, but they will be buy different authors as I have an iPhone and am writing what I have knowledge of.

  4. Cathy

    Your article on using the ipad for searching our MLS lisiting websites did not factor in the fact that some MLS listing sites are only supported by Internet Explorer and therefore cannot be searched from the ipad.
    Am I missing some information that makes that possible. I have been contemplating an ipad for this years Christmas gift for myself as a realtor here in CT

  5. Andrew Tillman


    Many of the sites that required Internet Explorer should still be able to be used by Safari on an iPad. If you are near an Apple Store, the best way to find out would be to check, try to access your MLS website with an iPad in the store to see if it works.


  6. I use Parallels app and/or LogMeIn to access any Internet Explorer sites like the MLS and Flash websites.

    For electronic signature I used Zosh and Noterize app; they work great.


    Omar Arocho, e-Pro

  7. I’m a big fan of dropbox for cloud storage/accessability of files.