Ben Martin in the 'Spotlight'

Ben Martin is recognized as a recipient of the 2010 REALTOR®Technology Spotlight Award in the Innovator category.   CRT asked a few questions.   Check out what Ben Martin shared with us:

 1– What is your favorite tech tool out there?  What makes it so great? Right now it must be GMail Priority Inbox.  Its ability to learn, predict and know what messages are important to me has made managing my personal inbox so much easier and quicker.  Just a few months ago I would have to periodically clean out my inbox just to stay organized.  Now, I let GMail do its thing and I’m content to just allow those less important emails to slink off the page.

2- where do you get the latest technology information to keep you ahead of the curve? There’s really too much to keep up with it all, so I try to keep tabs on a few trusted friends who tend to be ahead of the curve, or right up on it.  Relying on them to try out the latest and greatest saves me a lot of time and ensures that by the time I get around to trying out a new technology, it has seen some wider acceptance.
3-  As a tech thought leader – what kind of information are you looking to get your hands on? I’m interested in what’s the hot new tech, but even more than that, I’m interested in what’s working, what’s practical and what’s getting results.  I also like to learn about new and different ways people are measuring results.
4- What is the biggest trend you see developing in real estate right now – tech or otherwise? The biggest developing trend in real estate is a shift in attitudes about homeownership.   On the tech side of things, it’s not hard to imagine a web based service coming on the scene within a few years that will help buyers zero in on neighborhoods where the residents have similar demographic and psychographic traits.
5- Finally, which do you like best – iPhone; Android; WindowsMobile; Blackberry; Other?  Why? I’m a recent convert to Android.  With all of the ways that Google is part of my life on the web (search, mail, documents, web browser, bookmarking, etc.) having a Google-powered mobile phone just makes too much sense.  Plus, I like being able to actually make phone calls on my smart phone. 😉

~~~  Stay tuned to this blog as we spotlight Brad Nix in the next few days.~~~~

  1. Ben is awesome! Not only because he is a thought-leader and devotes a lot of time to engaging others, but also because he’s very humble about it.

    He’s happy to let others take the lead and credit for what many of us know was his efforts.

    Of my entire sphere, he’s truly one of my favorite people.

    He’s taken the Virginia Association light years ahead of where we were.

    I love seeing his recognized for all his dedication!

  2. What Matthew said. It’s hard to imagine where VAR would be without Ben’s involvement. Not only is he aware of, a user of, and leader of tech, he has actively involved members in the Association who never would have otherwise been involved.

  3. What Matthew and Jim said and….

    If it were not for @bkmcae (aka Ben Martin), I would NEVER have become involved with my National, State and Local REALTOR Associations. He has been able to bridge the gap between the “traditional” and the “techies” in an amazingly gentleman-like fashion.

    His humbleness, unselfish sharing and professionalism are just a few of the incredible traits that make up this person who is so deserving of this honor.

    Ben, you make The Commonwealth proud!!!!

  4. What they all said.

    We’ve been fortunate to have Ben leading a great group of folks at VAR, and more to Jim’s point, his ability to find ways to encourage association members to get involved has been a huge asset. Tech leader or not, we’re thrilled to have him!

  5. Jovan Hackley

    I Agree with all. Ben rocks! And I think I’m the most qualified to say this.

  6. Thanks, everyone. Your checks are in the mail! 😉

  7. If you mean the MS tools, I prefer Office word, photoshop. If not, I like the snagit, foxmail, lingoes, tuneup360 and more.

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  9. What??? You don’t use an iphone?