Brad Nix in the 'Spotlight'

Brad Nix is recognized as a recipient of the 2010 REALTOR®Technology Spotlight Award in the Visionary category.   CRT asked a few questions.   Check out what Brad Nix shared with us:

1- What is your favorite tech tool out there?  What makes it so great?
I like my iPhone, but if I can only pick ONE fave tech tool it’s gotta be… email.  You just can’t beat the ubiquity, portability and flexibility of good old fashioned email.  Many who use social media still get notifications via email.  People subscribe to blogs via email.  I even get my voice mails via email – they’re just easier to manage, respond to, and delegate that way.

2- Where do you get the latest technology information to keep you ahead of the curve?
Blog posts, magazine articles, conversations with leadership, conversations with frontline practitioners, twitter, facebook, company meetings, association committees, vendor trade shows.  You never know where the next great tech tool or implementation tactic is going to come from. But if you surround yourself with lots of oportunities, it’s hard to miss the obvious ones.

3-  As a tech thought leader – what kind of information are you looking to get your hands on?
Adoption curve models, event feedback, education requests, leadership changes, budget allocations, and blog topic trends.  These are great resources for identifying what the majority desires or needs to thrive in a new environment.  Both anecdotal and scientific evidence help define what’s really happening at both the grass roots level and upper management levels of our industry.  I want to hear from the industry practitioners as often as possible in as many different formats as possible.

4- What is the biggest trend you see developing in real estate right now – tech or otherwise? 
Moderation.  There aren’t as many frantic waves of excitement around any market condition improvements.  The same can be said about new technologies as they come to market.  Either because there isn’t much to be excited about, and I do believe some things and some places are worth raising your heartbeat a bit – or industry professional are just taking things more in moderation than before.   However, even beyond those reasons there is a sense of pause and thought – a more methodical industry seems to be rebuilding itself one block or byte at a time.  My optimistic view is that this is a strategic moment of moderation and not a retracted fearful state of being.  Tomorrow will be better, how and who is being decided right now.

5- Finally, which do you like best – iPhone; Android; WindowsMobile; Blackberry; Other?  Why?
iPhone because Apple’s intutitve design and smooth interface are second to none, plus AT&T has never really been a problem for me in Metro Atlanta.

~Again, congratulations to all 4 of our 2010 REALTOR® Technology Spotlight Winners.  ~

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  2. Thanks for posting this! It’s always pretty interesting to read the thoughts of someone making strides in their chosen field. I would have thought his fave gadget would have been the iPad.hee