Monthly Archive:: November 2012

Meet Greg and Chad from CRT at 1pm Today and Try Out Some Tablets

For those of you in Orlando, Greg and I will be at the CRT Wifi Hotspot and we’ll have an array of tablets with us. We’ve got an iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface and a Nexus 7. The Wifi Hotspot...
November 11, 2012

REPurposed Apps: A Site for Members to Learn About and Share Apps

Today at Annual during the Business Technology and Information Systems forum, we previewed a new site that CRT has been working on. We’re calling it REpurposed Apps and we’re pretty excited about it. We’ve targeted it for a Q1...
November 10, 2012

A Somewhat Short RE-Introduction

There are many things I wanted to take this space to say, but I’ve decided to keep it short and say, ‘Hello.’ I want to use this time to re-introduce you to CRT. We’ve been quiet on communication channels...
November 8, 2012