Big Data is Upon Us: Come Hear All About it at the Emerging Business Issues and Technology Forum

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I leave today for the REALTOR® Conference and Expo in San Francisco and I couldn’t be more excited. Recently, NAR announced the formation of a Data Analytics Group, headed by Todd Carpenter. The exciting part for me is that Todd and I will be working closely together to build technology that will give our members tools to be more successful.

As a preview of NAR’s future, the Emerging Business Issues and Technology Forum this Saturday will be focusing on the parts of the whole of Big Data, from what you can do with it to how you display it, there’s something for everybody. EBIT Forum Chair, Danny Frank and Vice-Chair, Courtney Rose Johnson have put together a great forum on the key points of Big Data. First, the logistics:

Logisitcal Information
Saturday, 11/09
Moscone Center, Room 135
1:30 – 3:30pm

What NAR’s future looks like with data

To start, Todd Carpenter will be giving an overview of predictive analytics and what it means for you as an NAR member. He’ll also provide a general overview of the goals and direction for the Data Analytics Group. I can say it’s been a great experience discussing ideas with Todd already, and we’re just weeks into this. This is a great opportunity to learn about this new NAR initiative.

Why data matters to our future

Todd will be a great warm up for Ted Loring, the Chair for the Data Strategies Committee. Ted will provide some insight into what the Data Strategies Committee has been up to in the past year. He’ll specifically be talking about Predictive Marketing, why it matters and what it means to you and NAR. This will be an interactive session and the audience is encouraged to discuss the topic with Ted and the panel.

How to display data using best practices

Joe Sullivan, User Experience Designer at NAR, will discuss Data Visualization and give you some easy-to-follow best practices to make your charts and graphs stand out. CRT’s been heavily researching the display of data for some time and this talk will help you learn how to tell your story with data. Joe will also cover some of the new ways CRT is working with NAR’s data.

Wrap up

The final talk will be from me. I’ll provide a summary and discuss resources you can use to learn more about all the topics covered by Ted, Todd and Joe. I’ll also provide an overview of what CRT has in store for the future and what that means for members.

If you’re going to be in San Francisco, stop by Saturday and get a glimpse of the future. We look forward to taking this journey with you. See you soon!

Chad Curry

Managing Director for the Center for REALTOR® Technology. Working to improve the value proposition to our members through our web properties and mobile space.

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  1. Margaret Amador

    Not able to be there but hope you will be eyes and ears for us and report on these exciting technical progresses. thank you – Margaret

  2. It’s great to see the move toward Big Data in the real estate industry. So much data has been collected and I am excited to see the direction that NAR will take this. Wish I could have been there to hear the discussions.