Technology Priorities for the Coming Year

NOTE: Below is a guest post from Rick Davidson, CEO of CENTURY 21 and Chair for the 2014 Emerging Business Issues and Technology Forum. As the Staff Executive for this Forum, I’ll be working with Rick this year and we are excited to get your feedback on topics and ideas. – Chad.

Since the early 1990’s, technological change in the real estate industry has been accelerating as fast as industry experts could take ownership in declaring paradigm shifts that would forever alter the business of real estate. So, too, were predictions about technology, ranging from the disintermediation of the REALTOR® to the advent of a paperless transaction. Like Casey Stengel once said, “Never make predictions, especially about the future.”

That being said, there are a lot of questions we should be asking about technology and real estate. Questions like, “How can it help me provide the best customer experience possible?” “What are the day-to-day applications or is it simply more ‘bells and whistles’? And, “Is this technology an expense or an investment to improve my efficiency and performance levels?”

As CEO and President of CENTURY 21, I know that it is not the technology itself that transforms a company or its agents. Rather, it’s the way the company provides access to, and how its managers and agents use, technology that is transformative to the business and to our customers.
With the range of technologies and new products coming to market at a dizzying pace, the transaction more complex than ever and perhaps most importantly, an increasingly empowered consumer, technology’s place in a REALTOR®’s life is undeniable.

So, what will be the hot technology trends in 2014 and how can you be better prepared to take action that increases your productivity and profitability?

As Chairman of the National Association of REALTORS®’ 2014 Emerging Business Issues and Technology Forum, I’m asking you to share with me your thoughts on this fundamental question: “what trend or technology do you want sourced by the Forum at the Midyear meetings this May?”

My objective for the Forum is to create an environment for attendees and speakers alike that encourages engagement and connectivity.

My goal is for everyone who attends to walk away with a practical, execution plan to take home and put into action on the technology or technologies we focus on. That way, the excitement you feel that day translates in actionable guidance upon your return home.

To follow are some of my ideas for the Forum in May. Please share your ideas, or comment whether the topics to follow are relevant and worthy of your attention and consideration. E-mail me at

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. The adoption of cloud solutions
  2. The impact of mobility, smart phones and tablets
  3. Data security and safety
  4. Big data and business intelligence
  5. Data mining and social media
  6. The smart home: connected appliances and systems
  7. Future applications — robots, recreational drones and wearables

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and welcoming you to the Emerging Business Issues and Technology Forum in May.

Chad Curry

Managing Director for the Center for REALTOR® Technology. Working to improve the value proposition to our members through our web properties and mobile space.

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  1. william bracey

    Video and Mobile Technology

  2. Outstanding thoughts, and a good list of topics Chad …

    The adoption of cloud solutions – Unavoidable, it is the future.

    The impact of mobility, smart phones and tablets – A “Certainty”

    Data security and safety – Boring, of course it will be a focus, but WAY beyond the Average Agent or Broker.

    Big data and business intelligence – By Far the most “Intriguing” of the topics. This is a Huge Pandora’s Box!

    Data mining and social media – Data Mining will continue to get more unbelievable and Social Media will continue to get more Irrelevant to Real Estate

    The smart home: connected appliances and systems – Fun Topic!

    Future applications — robots, recreational drones and wearables – Not even close yet! Maybe look to 2017 for these to become relevant.

    IMHO – 2014 will go down as “The Year That Mattered”. meaning, more Agents will enter the Internet Marketing Space, than the previous 10 years combined! They will really start to get involved, and have a desire to understand. It won’t help, because they will struggle to understand, most will give up several times, and it will have a real drag on productivity.

    Technology in Real Estate in currently reserved for the Few, yet coveted by the Many. We need far more Teachers of 101 concepts, and far less Gurus with all the High level answers! Who cares what you know about Technology in Real Estate, it only matters what you are you able to communicate.

    I can’t wait for 2014, I have wondered for years, when this year would come =)


  3. Bob

    Some great points Eric. Technology is the game plan but everyone always needs to remember that Real Estate was and still is a people business, and I mean a face to face business. I was the last agent to give up the “book” for the computer and the last to get into the techy stuff! Of course, area is a factor for sure, but I could get by fairly nicely yet today without all the gizmos!