National Day of Unplugging Site

ReConnectEd – National Day of Unplugging – March 7

National Day of Unplugging Site

Re-ConnectEd is a series about responsible ways of using technology and working to diminish the dependence on our devices and striving to make connections. CRT will look at what members, brokers, associations and people outside of real estate are doing to get Re-ConnectEd. Let us know how you’re getting Re-ConnectEd on Twitter, Facebook or email.

Frederik Heller in our Information Central division at NAR passed along this item to me and I think it could be a great opportunity for offices to get together and make a positive impact in the community. The National Day of Unplugging is a day where you commit to not using your devices for the entire day.

From the National Day of Unplugging site:

We increasingly miss out on the important moments of our lives as we pass the hours with our noses buried in our iPhones and BlackBerry’s, chronicling our every move through Facebook and Twitter and shielding ourselves from the outside world with the bubble of “silence” that our earphones create.

If you recognize that in yourself – or your friends, families or colleagues— join us for the National Day of Unplugging, sign the Unplug pledge and start living a different life: connect with the people in your street, neighborhood and city, have an uninterrupted meal or read a book to your child.

This is exactly why we started the Re-ConnectEd series. I think that this is an amazing opportunity for members, brokerages and associations to make a impact as a team and in a community. Members could grow and connect with their co-workers or community by using this day in one of several ways:

  • Have an on-site inservice where you learn something about the area you serve from a local service organization.
  • Spend the day volunteering as a team for either a charity or school.
  • Use it as a fundraiser for a charity – get people to sponsor your ‘unpluggedness’. For every hour you’re unplugged, they pledge x dollars to a charity.

The point of this exercise is that by unplugging for the day, rather than sitting at your desk and twiddling your thumbs because you have nothing to occupy them, why not take up and engage your community? Show them your value and find the reward in the work.

You don’t necessarily need to do this on March 7, but what if your office had an unplugged day? What kind of things could you get done in that day? What if you set up teams for community service projects and tracked participation as a metric of community support? How would you handle your clients on this day? Would you have someone manage your email? Social?

We have a million members and if only a handful of them do this, it could have a great impact on the whole. Let us know if you plan on participating in the National Day of Unplugging or setting up your own. Contact us on Twitter, Facebook or email.

Chad Curry

Managing Director for the Center for REALTOR® Technology. Working to improve the value proposition to our members through our web properties and mobile space.

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