The Julia Language is Here to Stay

There’s a new force in the statistical and technical language space and she’s one to be reckoned with.  Julia can be compared to other languages such as the R statistical language; however, Julia is predicted to surpass R due primarily to Julia’s amazing computational speed.  Julia packs a serious punch with an LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine)-based just-in-time (JIT) compiler, which allows for blazing performance and benchmark speeds even faster than C in some cases.

If the speed of Julia doesn’t impress you, perhaps the ease of use Julia provides will sway you.  Julia even has the ability to call Python functions via the PyCall package as well as C functions directly.  In addition to playing nicely with multiple languages, Julia is a social butterfly when it comes to communication between processes operating on separate threads, as Julia is specifically designed for parallelism and distributed computation.

How will Real Estate benefit from the power of Julia? By utilizing existing and incoming market data, Julia will play an essential roll in predicting where the market may be headed.  A greater power of insight will be put into the hands of agents and brokers, allowing them to better serve their clients.

If you haven’t already met, it has been my pleasure introducing you to a good friend of mine, Julia.

P.s. If you’re ever in Chicago, please stop by one of our Julia meet-ups and regardless of where you are, provides easy to follow documentation and tutorials to get you started.


Sean Charles

Senior Drupal Architect Center for REALTOR® Technology

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