Via TechCrunch: One Ring to Rule Them All: Control Your Smart Devices By Raising a Finger

TechCrunch just posted this pretty fascinating project on Kickstarter. What if you could control your smart devices by raising a finger? One finger with a device called Ring. Ring is a wearable that allows you to use gestures to control your smart devices, send a simple text, receive messages, send email, make payments and all sorts of other functions. It has an accelerometer and vibrates when it wants your attention. You can do about 1,000 gestures per charge.

Ring Gestures

What are the implications for real estate? What if a client could sign e-documents by simply moving their finger and not touching the screen of your device? What if you could walk into a smart device connected property and wave a finger at the lights as you enter, or unlock the door by pointing at the lock? What if you could mute your phone with a wave of your hand? What if someone could point at a property, geolocate it and send you the address? Oh, it’s a sea of possibilities! Now, I know what you’re thinking…when can i get one? Well, you can’t…just yet. This is a Kickstarter project. BUT IT’S COMING SOON!!!! They are anticipating shipping the first Rings to backers in July 2014. It appears the price may be between $145-$165 for a Ring. How would you use this device?

via TechCrunch
Ring Kickstarter Campaign

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  1. WOWsers!
    Remote access
    Watch my Go Pro in my iPhone
    Control the Phantom Drone and watch FPV on the ipad
    Use my iPhone to advance slides on my Ipad has become commonplace

    We do live in wonderful times!

    David Pylyp