Minuum – A Smaller Screen Keyboard for Android

Minuum was built as a solution to a problem: mobile screen keyboards:

Consider mobile typing: Current technology assumes that sticking a virtual typewriter into a touchscreen device is the best way to enter text, resulting in keyboards that have more physical bulk than necessary. People want to make the most of their screen space—or get the keyboard off the device completely. We wondered how to make a simpler keyboard that gives users back their screen space and simultaneously satisfies the quest for speed and precision of text entry.

This is a pretty cool solution to the screen space problem. If you’re trying to type a quick message to say, ‘I’ll be there in five minutes’, this could save you time. Minuum is available for Android only and is free free for 30 days (h/t to Mike in the comments). Is there a keyboard replacement you like for Android? Let us know in the comments below!!!

Chad Curry

Managing Director for the Center for REALTOR® Technology. Working to improve the value proposition to our members through our web properties and mobile space.

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  1. I just downloaded it, but it looks like it’s a free 30 day demo, not a free app.

  2. Chad Curry

    Thanks for the update Mike. I’ll update the post reflecting this.