Re-ConnectEd in 3: Better Email, Better Breathing, Better Work-Life Balance

re-connected in 3

For this Re-ConnectEd post, we’re going to try something different. Rather than exploring a topic in depth, I thought we’d share a few articles we found this week that would provide you with some tips on how to get the most out of work and life by giving less of yourself to the inefficiencies. So, prepare to get Re-ConnectEd in 3:

  1. Brevity is the Soul of Email – From CNET, this article looks at apps and methods for helping you learn to cut down on your longer emails & replies. In the article, Dennis O’Reilly talks about the ‘five-sentence rule’, but doesn’t mention using a little manifesto I use from Five at the bottom of my email. He does link to an article on INC. Magazine and I really like the idea they suggest of using a system of shortcodes in the subject line to tip the recipient to a necessary action. I’ve been using (EOM) (end of message) for years, but the other recommendations are great for getting responses as well.
  2. How to Breathe Properly – A (Surprisingly Important) Complete Guide – Effective breathing is something we really don’t consider, but this article from Selfication provides you with information on why it matters and how to do it. It turns out a lot of us aren’t taking a strong full breath, not fully utilizing the diaphragm, which leaves us with lower energy and less oxygen in the blood. (h/t: Lifehacker)
  3. Two Things You Must Do to Achieve Work-Life Balance – FastCo Design received a question from one of its readers about how to juggle home life and the life of an entrepreneur (sound familiar?). They turn to Jim Coudal, who’s design studio here in Chicago, has made a name for itself nationally with their work. Jim shares his secrets for being successful at home and work.

BONUS: Hamster on a Piano (eating popcorn) – That says it all really.

Re-ConnectEd is a series helping you find ways to responsibly use technology, to disconnect and re-engage with those around you. If you have an idea or question, feel free to reach out on Twitter, Facebook, or email. You can also visit our resources page.

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