Droplet – King of the Digital Aqua Jungle

When you’re not in the mood or don’t have the time to grab the hose, Droplet knows were the water goes.  That’s right: there’s a new robot in town and it’s watering plants like nobody’s business.  Droplet is one powerful and reliable little bot, attending to your gardening with the intelligence it takes to know where the plants are, when they need to be watered and just how thirsty they might be at any given time.

With Droplet, you have the luxury of controlling all of its settings from your computer or even via your smartphone, as the little robot that could is in direct communication over your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Droplet will most certainly save you in the long run in water bills alone, not to mention the gardening bills you can cross off your list of household expenses.  Home sellers and REALTORS® will appreciate the ease of keeping landscaping looking fresh. Just in case you’re curious, the Droplet system is currently available for pre-order by Amazon at $299.


Sean Charles

Senior Drupal Architect Center for REALTOR® Technology

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