As Seen on REPurposedApps: Two Apps for Smart Driving are Waze and Glympse

For this installment of ‘As Seen on REpurposedApps‘, we have two apps that help us drive smarter.

First up, Waze. Waze is social smart driving. It was recommended by Bill Lublin. Bill says it’s:

A terrific alternative GPS app, it has the feature of crowd sourced traffic intelligence in a map app. Now you not only know how to get where you’re going, other drivers are sharing with you police cars or traffic jams, detours and breakdowns in realtime. Makes your drive smoother and more entertaining.

The cool thing about Waze is that the more you use it, the more points you get, which allows you to do things like edit maps. I use this app quite often, even when I’m driving a route I’m familiar with because it offers a lot of useful information. I’ve saved my car many a times from being engulfed in giant potholes here in Chicago thanks to this app. Waze is free for both Android and iOS devices.

The second app for smart driving is called Glympse. Brian Copeland recommended it because:

Glympse can easily rescue you from texting and driving. How? You can send a map to someone you are meeting that shows them your location, speed and estimated time of arrival. My team and I often have to meet at listing appointments separately. I’ll send each member a Glympse so they’ll know exactly where I am so we can all show up at the appointment at the same time. Now, I don’t have to text to say, “I’m two minutes away.”

As Brian states, it’s great way to pre-empt anyone who might want to text and ask where you are. I used this app this past weekend driving to Iowa. Right before we left, I sent a Glympse to my mom’s cell phone so she could see where we were at any point in our trip. Glympse not only shows where you are, but also your speed and estimated arrival time. It’s available for both Android and iOS.

Do you have any smart driving apps that you can recommend? Head over to REPurposedApps and submit one today!

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  1. YES! Automatic is insanely useful, it’s a thingy you plug into most cars built after 1996ish, it tells your smartphone everything from gas mileage to what the “check engine” light means, with no monthly fee, plus it now works with IFTTT so it can log your drives, tweet your arrival to certain places, email your mechanic for you when the “check engine” light comes on, and more.

    We gave a quick intro here for anyone nerding out as much as I am: