Five for Wednesday

In this Five for Wednesday, we’ll look at a phone with built in solar charging features and apps that are better than Siri for helping you get what you want. But first, let’s start with an app for managing your clients on the go.:

  1. GoConnect App, an app for managing your client interactions on the go, is now out of beta for iOS. Android Users, sign up for the VIP. Pretty cool!
  2. Solar charging phone from Tag Heuer – The future is coming. A bit pricey now, but it will come down. (via Inhabitat)
  3. Cool DIY brackets called the PLY90 for making tables, desks and anything you can think of. Get 4 brackets for 30 bucks. Bring Your Own Plywood. (via Digital Trends)
  4. 5 Virtual Assistants That Are More Productive Than Siri (via Mashable)
  5. Google Helpouts are now on iOS – for when you want to learn how to do something new. (via TheNextWeb)

Chad Curry

Managing Director for the Center for REALTOR® Technology. Working to improve the value proposition to our members through our web properties and mobile space.

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  1. Have you tried any Helpouts out yet? I’ve used one for a technical issue, and they have several topics “on hold,” which they’ll release later (which I’m bummed about), but curious if any of you guys have had luck? 🙂

  2. Great stuff here Chad! For our next YPN meeting / May 7, we are sharing our top Realtor® member apps. I’ll be sure to share these and your Wedneday posts. Thank you!!
    Chairperson of Bucks County Realtor® Association’s YPN “Young Professional Network”