Shipping Container Houses…Brought to You by GM?


On Jalopnik today, there’s news of GM helping build shipping container houses in Detroit. From the story:

GM is helping to build Detroit’s first homestead made of recycled materials, which will be occupied by a college student studying urban agriculture. Since the homestead will be part of an urban-farm study, the student will serve as caretaker as well as maintain the farmland surrounding the property.

The living space is 320 square feet — 40 feet long, eight feet tall and 10 feet wide. There are two bedrooms, a bathroom and kitchen.

Sounds like a great way to repurpose and rethink urban living. I also find if fascinating that GM is involved in this initiative. Have you ever listed a shipping container house? Be on the lookout for a white paper from CRT on alternative forms of housing in the near future.

Chad Curry

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  1. I’m not too confident in a company that can’t properly calculate square footage. The square footage of a 40 ft x 10 ft container is 400 square feet.

  2. Cindy

    the info says ‘living space’ not square footage of the ‘footprint’ of the container

  3. Bev

    I’m sure that folks who are currently homeless would be delighted to have this type of home, versus living in a car or tent.

  4. gidz

    Beautiful! This is no typical container house I’ve seen before.