Five for Wednesday #9

54W_banner2For this Five for Wednesday, we have a solar-powered laptop from Sol, a lightbulb that helps you ‘drift’ off to sleep, to cross-shaped solar homes. Here’s a greened version of our weekly five links:

1. Sol Laptop – Here’s a laptop that comes with its own solar panels. It’s about to go on sale here, but we’re highlighting it as a way to indicate the shape of things to come with alternatively powered devices. They aren’t badly priced at somewhere between $375-400. There might be a test unit in CRT’s near future.

2. Get Smart About Smartphone Theft – Ten things you should know about preventing smartphone theft. One in 10 people have their devices stolen and ReadWrite helps you think about how to keep it from happening to you.

3. Cross-Shaped Homes – These micro-homes are made from two shipping containers. Pretty neat. Check out the gallery on Inhabitat.

4. The Drift LED SmartBulb – The Drift is a very unusual bulb. It’s not hooked to your wifi or bluetooth systems. It responds to the flicks of a switch. Two flicks and the Drift will go from on to a fading 37-minute sun simulation. Three flicks and it goes to moon mode, fading to a faint glow as a night light. 29 bucks for one.

5. Should Brokers Dump Tech-Resistant Agents? – Realuoso sites NAR’s median age of 57 as a starting point in considering this question. What do you think about the role of technology in your business? Is it necessary for REALTORS® to be tech-savvy?

That’s it for this week. For those going to the REALTOR® Party Convention and Trade Expo, we’ll see you in DC next week!

Chad Curry

Managing Director for the Center for REALTOR® Technology. Working to improve the value proposition to our members through our web properties and mobile space.

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