Five for Wednesday #12

54W_banner2Surface Pro 3 reviews, how to make 200 square feet feel much larger, and the Zuckasaurus, in this week’s Five for Wednesday.

1. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is said to be as much a laptop as it is a tablet. Read reviews by PC World, Business Insider, PCMag, and CNET.

2. Apple’s smart home platform could be the announced at next week’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

3. Giroptic’s 360Cam can stitch 3 video streams together into a single 360° panoramic video. The coolest part: a lightbulb socket mount turns the 360Cam into a security camera.

4. The MIT Media Lab’s “CityHome” is “a mechanical box about the size of a closet that sits inside an apartment, where it stows a bed, dining room table, kitchen surface, a cooking range, a closet, and multipurpose storage.” A 200 square foot apartment might not be so bad after all.

5. Facebook users, be on the lookout for the Zuckasaurus. We’re guessing its extinction is not too far off.

Joseph Sullivan

Joe Sullivan is a User Experience Designer for the Center for REALTOR® Technology.

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  1. Can’t wait to see what Apple’s smart home platform might be all about … !!!