Five for Wednesday #17


Reviews of Android tablets, a great Chrome extension, and more in this week’s Five for Wednesday.

1. Photographs can make or break a real estate listing. Need to shoot better photos? Adobe’s “KnowHow” series of lectures and instruction (covering night photography, black and white photography, DSLRs for beginners, and mastering Photoshop) is on sale for $34.99. It’s regularly $243; jump on this while it lasts.

2. A new study finds prolonged exposure to high noise levels are associated with loss of sleep, elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate, and heart attack, not to mention hearing loss. So how can we make cities quieter?

3. If you use Chrome extensions, check out Dayboard, a to-do list that appears every time you open a new browser tab or window. By allowing only 5 items, it helps you focus on what’s really important each day.

4. Want an Android smart watch but can’t wait for the Moto 360? LG’s G Watch and Samsung’s Gear Live are extensively reviewed here.

5. Don’t want an iPad? ZDNet reviews 11 (!) Android tablets.

Joseph Sullivan

Joe Sullivan is a User Experience Designer for the Center for REALTOR® Technology.

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