Momentum & Dayboard – Chrome Extensions to Help You Be More Productive

I use Google Chrome on a daily basis and one of my favorite features is its extensibility. You can get extensions for nearly everything you may need. Today, I want to focus on two extensions that have to do with productivity.

Having a quick and easy way to remind yourself of high priority tasks is essential in today’s work world. Luckily, developers are willing to oblige and build cool tools to help with this. Today, we’re going to look at two Chrome extensions that allow you to track the most important tasks for a day. Do you use either of these? Are there other extensions for Chrome you find valuable.


Last month, AG Beat featured Momentum and I started using it right away. Momentum gives you a beautiful background in your browser window with high resolution images, the time (you can change it to military time by double-clicking on it), an area to put your focus item for the day and a task list to the bottom right. Momentum does not sync with any services, but is meant for getting your day organized. It keeps a running tally of the tasks you’ve completed and you can add as many tasks as you like.
A couple of things I wish it had were an ability to see your stats and a place to see all your completed tasks. Once your day is over, all completed tasks disappear. Something I like about Momentum is that the tasks you enter are only for the computer you are on. I have different tasks I’d like to focus on at home than at work, and this allows for that. Also, the tasks are drag and drop, so if you’re adding tasks and you want to have them organized a certain way, you can just move them around.


dayboard-tasksDayboard is meant to be more focused. It allows for your top five priority items for the day. Dayboard does have history and even let’s scroll back through past tasks. It also syncs tasks from one browser to the other using their free account(UPDATE: Accounts currently in beta. Will be available August 5th). You can share tasks with team members who have a Dayboard account and track your progress together. Dayboard is free for teams of three, but you can also do a monthly plan ($40 for up to 10 members $20 for up to 6 members will be the initial offering starting August 5th). I like the usability and functionality best. Only having five tasks forces you to consider what your priorities are. Plus, if you don’t complete one of your tasks it moves it to the next day, but will progressively display a message about when this task was added and color codes it to show it’s age (red items have been in the list for a few days.). It also has a great History view so you can see what you’ve gotten done and how it stacks up to your team and your past performance.
dayboard-historyDayboard is really simplistic in its theme and allows for you to have a focus mode where you have one task displaying and nothing else. Once you complete the task, the next task on your list shows up. It’s well done and they are even going to add some new features to help with procrastination.
You can find out more about pricing and set up an account(on 8/5) here.

What Chrome extensions do you use for productivity? Are there any other task extensions that trump these? Let us know below.

(Momentum via AG Beat)

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  1. Hi Chad!

    This is John, the creator behind Dayboard. Thank you so much for the fantastic write up!

    So you know, sign ups for are actually unavailable as the service is still in private beta. We’ve been receiving fantastic feedback and very encouraging signs from our beta users so far – but just wanted the extra time to iron out any bugs before we open up the service.

    Sign ups will be available starting next Tuesday. The price points will actually start at $20/month for teams up to 6, rather than $40 for teams up to 10 🙂

    If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me directly at john at


    John Chan
    Founder of Dayboard

  2. Chad Curry

    Thank you for your comments, John. Great work on Dayboard so far. Look forward to the coming updates. Article has been modified to reflect your edits.