How Big is the iPhone 6 Plus? It’s Really Big. That and More in Five for Wednesday


It’s Wednesday, which means it’s Five for Wednesday time:

  1. If you’re wondering how the new, bigger iPhones will feel in your hand(s) before pre-orders start on 9/12, print this PDF and get a pair of scissors and start cutting. (Remember to uncheck the “fit to page” option when you print the PDF).
  2. A new smart LED light bulb adjusts itself to your behavior and to the time of day.
  3. Google Hangouts, which until now has been video-only, is being integrated with Google Voice.
  4. There are some great new Android phones on the market; before you upgrade, make sure you completely wipe your old one.
  5. Nothing’s hack-proof, but following these 5 steps to secure your cloud storage will keep your data safer.

Joseph Sullivan

Joe Sullivan is a User Experience Designer for the Center for REALTOR® Technology.

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