Makers Among Us: Dave Conroy’s Raspberry Pi MakeZine Project


Here at CRT, we celebrate the maker spirit. Mark Lesswing, our CTO and founder of CRT, is a perpetual tinkerer and hacker extraordinaire. He’s built some really cool projects, including a Node server on a Raspberry Pi and a software controlled model train rig. Mark’s also actively contributing to the RETS Web API with a number of Node packages Keith Garner, VP of ITS and former Managing Director of CRT, has also produced some amazing hacks. He built a traffic light control from an Arduino and has produced some fun projects you can find on GitHub and, as Keith describes it, ‘general dorking with openwrt…’. The man’s a poet. 😉

In this spirit, we want to recognize David Conroy. David is the Director of IT for the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® and has recently had one of his projects featured on Make, a webzine about makers. Dave’s project is a Universal Translator built on a Raspberry Pi.

The translator will take audio input and offer you a translation in the language of your choosing. The total cost of this project is $82 and change. You can do it in a weekend. This isn’t Dave’s first project of this nature. You can follow his other adventures over on his blog. Kudos to Dave and thanks for a cool project.

Do you know of some makers in real estate? What sort of projects are you seeing? Let us know and we may post about them.

via Make

Chad Curry

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