Third-Party Keyboards for iOS8 and More in Five for Wednesday


In this week’s Five for Wednesday:

  1. Apple has finally opened up their keyboard to third-party developers. Swype and Swiftkey, long Android-users favorites, will be available as soon as iOS8 is available. HT The Verge.
  2. Beartooth Radio is (or will be; they’re in startup mode and taking pre-orders) a smartphone case that turns your phone into a two-way radio.
  3. Thin. Light. Small. If these things are what you’re looking for in a new tablet, you’ll want to check out CNET’s reviews of six such devices.
  4. This is either really cool, or sort of gross: Canadian researchers have built a chinstrap that converts the energy you produce when you chew into electricity. Bon appetit!
  5. This infographic explains how to remove embarrassing photos from Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter.

Joseph Sullivan

Joe Sullivan is a User Experience Designer for the Center for REALTOR® Technology.

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