Plastc Card Enters the Universal Credit Card Race, And More


Don’t be like George Costanza, and more, in this week’s Five for Wednesday.

  1. Apple Pay *may* help popularize NFC (near-field communication) payments, but a lot of us will still be running around with too-large wallets. Plastc Card is the most recent attempt to consolidate all your credit, debit, loyalty, and gift card information on one card-sized smart device.
  2. Predictive keyboards are pretty cool; cooler still is knowing how to train them.
  3. Gizmodo recommends these five apps for your Android Wear device; who knew Evernote has a dedicated smartphone app? You do now 🙂
  4. Got a geeky kid who might want to build her own computer? The Kano Computer Kit is reviewed by Wired here; buy one here. (Adults allowed too.)
  5. With power-harvesting tiles placed underground, the lights for this soccer field in Brazil are powered by the footsteps of those playing soccer. Think sidewalks. Think roads. Think the future of power generation.

Joseph Sullivan

Joe Sullivan is a User Experience Designer for the Center for REALTOR® Technology.

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  1. love the costanza wallet