A Phone with Two Faces, and More, in Five for Wednesday


This week: the “Harvey Dent phone,” Samsung’s new Chromebook reviewed, and your increasingly important fingerprint.

  1. Someone’s finally figured out that the back of your smartphone might be a good place to put an e-paper display.
  2. Meteor is a free, open-source app-building platform that uses only Javascript.
  3. Don’t forget all your passwords just yet, but FIDO (Fast Identification Online) is an open standard that makes it a lot easier for developers to build apps that play nice with fingerprint readers.
  4. Not all front porch lights have a video camera that can stream footage to your smartphone, as well as a speaker and microphone. But the Kuna does.
  5. Are you tempted by Chromebooks? Wired has reviewed the new Samsung Chromebook 2.

Joseph Sullivan

Joe Sullivan is a User Experience Designer for the Center for REALTOR® Technology.

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  1. Jess Nielsen

    This is so amazing! I am absolutely getting one!