Behind the Wayback Machine, The Changing Urban Experience, and More

Archiving the Internet, crowdsourced parking spaces, and really bad passwords. This week in Five for Wednesday.

  1. Can the Internet be archived? Brewster Kahle has been trying to answer that question since 1996.
  2. From cooperative housing to health care, urban life is rapidly changing. Read about the six design and technology trends reshaping cities.
  3. Speaking of cities: Ford has been testing a navigation system that scans for open parking spaces as you drive by them. The locations of open spaces are then posted to a map so that would-be parkers know that a nearby space is open, even if they can’t see it.
  4. “123456,” “password,” “monkey,” and “letmein” are among the contestants in the battle for the worst passwords of 2014.
  5. Finally, Google’s Material Design philosophy is a pretty big deal, which makes it so great that it’s been brought to Chrome for iOS. (Learn more about Material Design here.)

Joseph Sullivan

Joe Sullivan is a User Experience Designer for the Center for REALTOR® Technology.

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