Tonight We’re Gonna HTTP(arty) Like It’s (No Longer) 1999


HTTP gets an update, more fashion-challenged computers for your face, and 3-D selfie statues. Enjoy this week’s Five for Wednesday.

  1. HTTP is getting its first major upgrade since 1999. Expected to bring faster page loads and better cacheing (among other things), this is a pretty big deal. Gizmodo’s got the scoop.
  2. You might not own one single Apple product, but if you have any interest at all in industrial and tech design, this profile of Jonathan Ive is a must-read.
  3. You’re using a password manager and you’ve forgotten or lost the master password. Here’s how to get out of a very bad situation.
  4. Google isn’t the only company making eyeglass-based wearables. They’re also not the only company making such things that look really silly. Oh, Sony 🙁
  5. Lastly, this one’s just fun. 54 DSLRs + some crazy software + a 3-D printer = three-dimensional selfies.

That’s it for this week. Let us know if you have other things you think we should add in the comments below.

Joseph Sullivan

Joe Sullivan is a User Experience Designer for the Center for REALTOR® Technology.

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