A Smart Brain for Your Energy Usage and Improving Your iOS Workflows in Five for Wednesday


In this Five for Wednesday, we’ll look at a way to monitor your energy usage throughout your home with a single device. We’ll also look at the Pebble Time (again…man, I think I really do want one) and a new service called Magic.

  1. The Neurio connects to your breaker box and wifi and with the use of an app you help it learn which devices are on so you can monitor their real time power usage. Great way to understand what in your home is an energy vampire. Not a bad price point for this type of knowledge – $249
  2. Workflow is a great iOS app for creating…workflows on your iOS device. You can set workflows that quickly engage several apps. Have a form email you’d like to send to new leads? Want pictures you take to be appended to an Evernote note and then sent to Dropbox for backup? Workflow can help. The video (at the bottom of the article) from MacSparky provides you with a great overview of how to use it.
  3. From the Verge, more information on the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel. Even though some folks have called me an ‘Apple fanboy’ in the past, I would like to break from that name and say that this watch has me more excited than the Apple Watch. The color e-ink and battery life are two huge reasons why. It seems like I’m not alone, as they’ve raised $15,000,000+ and they still have 23 days to go on their campaign. What I find most interesting in this article though is this tidbit about smartstraps:

    Pebble is releasing more information about the unique charging and data connector found on the underside of the watch. The connector, which can send and receive both data and power, enables what Pebble calls smartstraps. The smartstraps replace a standard watch band and can do things like provide extra power to the watch, measure heart rate or other vitals, or display lights and notifications in unique ways.

    I’m excited what developers come up with in this realm. The iPhone became what it is because of the independent developers. I think Pebble is strong and getting stronger.

  4. PSFK features Magic, a texting service that will get you anything you ask for. Of course, that thing has to be legal. 😉 They are working on refining their workflows but right now they’re learning as they go. Check them out.
  5. Fitting in with the Five for Wednesday theme of tech outside of real estate. Keith Garner, VP of ITS (aka @ktgeek on twitter) and I have a new podcast called Not In Service. It covers tech topics that don’t necessarily relate to real estate. It’s really about where we get our ideas for tech usage in real estate. This inaugural episode (#000) covers Lenovo’s Superfish adware pre load, comics, and podcasts. How meta. Give it a spin over at Soundcloud!

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