Clear Solar Panels, Rotating Blades for Umbrellas and A Haystack That Helps You Make Contacts

In this Five for Wednesday, we’ll look at where memories live, solar panels that are clear as glass and an umbrella that’s a rotating blade.

  1. FastCo Design wrote about haptic feedback and what it means to the wearable industry. They highlight a company called Immersion and discuss how their platform could mean specific alerts for specific apps. Maybe when an important phone call comes in, there’s a sensation like the vibration of a rotary phone. It’s compelling to think about how we may interact with devices in the future.
  2. Frog Design was at SXSW this week and revealed some amazing wearable concepts. Wareable features four of the 16 presented at SXSW. I think some of these make sense and have potential. Not sure about the Flare (a floating navigator that leads you through a location), but like the Breathe (external air purifier that hovers in front of your face when air quality degrades) and Parasol (hovering umbrella blade…really).
  3. The Verge looks at memory and where it’s stored. From his research in the 1950’s, Dr. James V. McConnell believed that memories did not live in the brain but could be passed through RNA. This research was dismissed for years, but is now coming back. I’m also a really big fan of the presentation & design of this article.
  4. ExtremeTech reports that Michigan State University researchers have developed a clear solar panel or Transparent Luminescent Solar Concentrator. It only has 1% efficiency currently, but imagine the implications once they improve upon that. Everything could be a solar panel. Windows, your phone, glass in car shields. Pretty cool.
  5. Haystack is an iOS/Android app that let’s you create a virtual business card and collect cards from others really quickly. It took me 20 seconds to create a card. It’s free! Check out more on PSFK.

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