Light Might Replace WiFi and The Apple Watch is Getting Reviewed


In this Five for Wednesday, we look at flickering lights that might replace WiFi and a new aluminum battery that charges in about a minute.

  1. The Verge has a very cool Apple Watch review. Nilay Patel has been wearing it for the past couple of weeks and gives his thoughts.
  2. The Amazon Echo can now control your Belkin WeMo devices and Philips Hue. I like the idea of the Echo, but can’t decide where I’d put it.
  3. Forget Wi-Fi…I’m waiting for LiFi so I can have my data at 100 gigabits per second. Using light rather than radio waves, these LEDs flicker at a rate imperceptible to our eyes and can transmit data much faster. Fascinating!
  4. Stanford researchers built an aluminum ion battery that can charge in one minute. Wonder if Apple’s laptops will use their exteriors as their batteries in the future? It’s not quite ready for primetime, but it could become the next big thing for Internet of Things devices which have a need for tech that will power them for long periods of time.
  5. Can Dell’s new Venue 10 make a dent in Apple’s tablet market share? Digital Trends says this is the most beautiful Android tablet ever. Time will tell.

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Chad Curry

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