An August Award, Building My Open Sourced Desk & More! It’s Five for Wednesday


Use sound to send links from your laptop to your phone, August Smart Lock is awarded an A+ Award for Product of the Year, and I’m building a desk from open source designs! All this and more in Five for Wednesday!

  1. Spiders are building super webs thanks to scientists at Cornell University. According to MIT Technology Review, they sprayed the spiders with water containing nanotubes and after they ingested some of this water, measured the strength of their silk, finding it to be stronger than any silk they’d measured before. Carbon nanotubes (graphene) is speculated to be the material of the future. I, for one, am very interested in it. It’s also thought to be useful in building nano circuits 3 times smaller than what’s currently possible. Find that article on MIT Technology Review (must be an Insider).
  2. Tone is a new Google Chrome extension that transmits links from one machine to another via sound. If the device is ‘within hearing range’, it can pick it up.
  3. If you’re one who loves the open culture of the internet, here’s some hardware for you. I’m going to be building a standing desk from OpenDesk. OpenDesk is a furniture platform like no other. Designers come up with plans and models for CNC milling machines and they are licensed to the end user for non-commercial purposes. I’ve found a standing desk that I’m going to build for the cost of three sheets of 3/4″ plywood and will be getting a membership to Catalyze Chicago for the CNC milling machine. They also have a list of fabricators you can work with should you be so inclined.
  4. With the Internet of Things being a topic of focus for CRT, we’re keenly interested in what Apple could be up to. The Verge reports that Apple may have an app in iOS9, which we’ll know more about at WWDC
  5. And, in the IoT space: August SmartLock, brand new REach accelerator member, is a cool lock that goes on the inside of your door. The lock is Bluetooth Smart enabled and will open if a person has a ‘key’ for the door.  😉 The key is in the app and you as the owner can dole out and take back keys through the app on your phone. It will let you know when a person enters a property and when they leave. Pretty cool! You can still use your house key like some sort of Luddite, but what if your hands are full. The founders are vets in the tech and design space and won an Architizer A+ Award this past week where they won the Product of the Year Award. We’ll be working with some of these units and keep you apprised of our findings.

BONUS: There’s an app that now allows you to crowd source the food in your fridge. The idea behind Ratatouille App is to keep food from going bad when you’re away. Currently iOS only.

Chad Curry

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