A Bendy Keyboard, Google Maps Knows Everywhere You’ve Been, and More


A very cool way to carry a keyboard in your back pocket, a new useful/creepy service from Google, and what to do with an abandoned golf course. It’s Five for Wednesday.

  1. Lots of people carry Bluetooth keyboards, and we have the feeling lots of people will soon be carrying Microsoft’s new Universal Foldable Keyboard. There are keyboards you can roll up, but this one is bendy and can fit in your back pocket and looks mighty sweet.
  2. Google’s new “Your Timeline” feature, first rolling out on the Web and on Android phones, can show you everywhere you’ve been on a map. A Google project manager stated “Your Timeline allows you to visualize your real-world routines,” which is another way of saying it allows Google to visualize your real-world routines (and serve you contextually-aware ads). It could come in handy, though, and Google permits you to customize what they receive, or to blow the whole thing away if that’s more your style. C|Net has a nice summary.
  3. If you’re an Office 365 subscriber, Microsoft just launched a new email app called Send that promises to streamline email by making it more SMS-like. Currently, it’s iOS only, in addition to being available to 365 users. But when I tried to sign in with my Google credentials, it answered back “…this doesn’t work with gmail accounts…for now.” The Next Web has an overview; Microsoft’s Office blog has the details.
  4. Did you know that in the United States since 2006, more golf courses have been abandoned than have opened? That’s bad news for golf, but good news for solar energy. It turns out that huge, flat, abandoned tracts of land make for great solar farms.
  5. Lastly, if Facebook and your social networks are stressing you out, there is one that The Atlantic’s tech editor argues is an example of “calm technology.” I’ll give you a hint; it rhymes with Shminstagram.

Photo Credit: “An Eka Pada Koundinyasana yoga posture asana” by Joel Nilsson NelsonCarrie #Yoga shoot [Joel’s Model Portfolio] LR-2347 #Fitness. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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