A Wallet That Can Charge Your iPhone, The Best Tech for Under $50, And More in Five for Wednesday


  1. Nomad has managed to squeeze a 2400mAh battery (good for one full charge) along the spine of a wallet. It’s surprisingly thin; no Costanza wallet here.
  2. Too soon for a holiday gift guide? Probably. So let’s just call it a best-tech-stuff-for-under-$50 guide.
  3. Is Android performance degradation still a thing? That’s what’s being discussed over at The Verge’s Googleplex forum.
  4. An experimental Facebook app can answer spoken questions about photographs. “Is that a dogwood tree in the front yard? What kind of windows are those?” This is something the real estate community should keep an eye on.
  5. NAR proudly joined up with the Online Trust Alliance to develop a “smart home checklist” that reminds sellers and buyers what to do when moving in or out of a smart home.

Joseph Sullivan

Joe Sullivan is a User Experience Designer for the Center for REALTOR® Technology.

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