Cool New Stuff from Samsung; The Breakthrough Technologies of 2015; More in Five for Wednesday


  1. Samsung is set to release a number of new products, including a smart belt that measures your waist, tracks your activity, and as Gizmodo points out, doesn’t look half-bad.
  2. Back in February, the MIT Technology Review identified 10 breakthrough technologies. Find how their predictions played out over the last ten months.
  3. CNET explains if you should get phone insurance.
  4. Because of Google, Apple, and Elon Musk (among others), 2015 was the year open source software “went nuclear.”
  5. Apps of all kinds are included in The Next Web’s 60 Best Android Apps and 50 Best iOS apps of 2015.

Joseph Sullivan

Joe Sullivan is a User Experience Designer for the Center for REALTOR® Technology.

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