More Efficient Incandescent Bulbs, Google Is Reading Your Mind, and More in Five For Wednesday


  1. If you’re not a fan of energy-saving LED lightbulbs, you’re not alone. But MIT scientists have figured out a way to capture the huge amount of heat lost by incandescent bulbs, making them (almost) as efficient as LEDs. That warming glow might be on its way back.
  2. OK, Google hasn’t figured out mind reading yet, but Maps *will* start predicting your destination and send you real-time traffic updates, among other things. (Sounds sort of scary, but it’s at least familiar; smart home devices also take advantage of predictive analytics to customize your experience with them.)
  3. From the Detroit Auto Show comes not a cool new car, but an app: FordPass. It’s meant to do a lot of things; among those is challenging your idea that mobility “(is) centered around owning a $40,000 hunk of steel.” Weird coming from a car company, but definitely worth reading about.
  4. We don’t know if Peach, yet another social network, will be useful for techies and REALTORS®. But if you’re curious about the basics, Wired has an introductory video synopsis.
  5. You’ve likely heard that sitting all day at work is basically going to kill you. Here’s a $25 cardboard sit/stand desk that will save your life. (Note: this desk will not save your life. But it could improve it.)

Joseph Sullivan

Joe Sullivan is a User Experience Designer for the Center for REALTOR® Technology.

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