Experiments with devices – Part 3, second day of work

20160125_144605 - Edited

The first thing I did today was to address my printer problem. In order to fully experience the Chromebook in a corporate environment, I needed to be able to print things. I checked the vintage of the department’s printers to see if any of them were ready to be replaced because they were fully depreciated. Many of the printers are older than five years, so I ordered a replacement color printer that was “Google Cloud Print Ready”. I will let you know how that works out in later posts.

My second task was to clear my desk to give the Chromebook a real shot. This means moving my Thunderbolt display, time machine, wiring, keyboard and mouse. Within 15 minutes of the clearing exercise, I was asked by two colleagues if I was going to be using the equipment in the corner.

20160127_084529 - Edited

I explained that I was only conducting an experiment and I still had emotional bonds to the pile.

Today was a heavier than normal writing day. I had to adjust to using the track pad on the Chromebook 2, which is not bad, but absolutely not at nice as the one on my Macbook laptop. Even though the trackpad it was adequate, I am going to try my rig using the wireless mouse I set aside. I’ll do that tomorrow though.

I have not provided detail information regarding my e-mail setup, so I will provide that now. In addition to official corporate e-mail, I have six other inboxes to worry about. Here is my universe:

  • Corporate – Office 365 – GOOD
  • CRTLabs – IoT work – Google account – GOOD
  • R&D – Let’s just leave it at that – IMAP only – FAIL (needs POP3)
  • Studio – Yep, I have a pastime – POP3 and IMAP capable – GOOD
  • Google account – Used for the Chromebook- Google account – GOOD
  • Personal – Private – Google account – GOOD
  • ISP – Private – POP3 and IMAP capable – GOOD

I am more Google-centric than others which is making this experiment easier for me. I don’t know what someone who was “i-based” would encounter regarding e-mail. POP3 is a pretty low common denominator, so the only thing I am missing is access to my R&D e-mail. No big loss, because I can get to that from my phone.

At the end of the day, there was a Chrome OS update ready. It installed and rebooted without a hitch.

I’ll tackle printing tomorrow with the new unit if it arrives as expected.